Blogger Beta

logo100.gif Blogger beta has been available for the past two months, but I only got around to trying it this week. The first thing I noticed was how streamlined the dashboard was compared to its earlier version. A few of the icons have been removed, and editing posts is a breeze. In fact, all post management operations are a click away.

Feel your coding skills aren’t too great? There are around sixteen default blog templates with different color schemes. Editing your blog layout is as easy as dragging the different parts into the template. If you like the layout but feel like tweaking the colors or fonts, blogger will give you an array of colors that matches your blog. You can also view the changes in real time, so you can figure out what works best. But if you want to make it more personal, you can make edits to the blog’s template code.

What I liked the most is the new permissions settings and labels. Bloggers can set their blog’s viewing settings three different ways: viewable by anybody, by other blog authors only, or by inviting certain people to read it through their e-mail addresses. You can also turn a blog into a group blog by adding other bloggers to the authors list. The labels categorize your entries by topics, and the option to add or edit labels to your old blog posts have just been introduced.

You can sign into Blogger beta with your old blogger account or by using your google accounts. Because of this integration you can easily use Google services like Picasa to post images to your blog. So try out the improved Blogger, and see how easy and fun blogging can be.

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Originally posted on October 22, 2006 @ 10:17 am