Bloggers Don’t have to be Excellent Writers

Higher Page Ranks

While blogging has slowly been making its way as the new fad that people can do when they log on to the Internet, many apprehensions have been rising with regards to how efficient and proper a good blog should be. For the record, blogs are not meant to impress anybody. They are meant to hold relevant information according to the author who is given full freedom to express whatever information that he believes in.

True that it is no secret that most people have been conscious about the way that their blogs are put up, the genre and categories to list down and so on. But these issues are really only in the initial stages and once they have settled down, everything will just be like a walk in the park. Breaking in and fighting of the jitters and worries for that very first post will evidently tear down all these barriers that contain doubts and lack of confidence. All it needs is to approach it in the simplest way possible and then gradually enhance it through information and links which other bloggers may have already posted in other blog sites over the web.

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Originally posted on December 29, 2006 @ 2:21 pm