Mobile blogging is not new, but it’s only recently that it really took off. Thanks to better cameraphone resolutions, improved interconnectivity and optional peripherals like qwerty keyboards to help you type, blogging using your phone has never been easier. Moblogging is a great option for those who travel around and want to share their experiences while they’re still fresh and current. Posting on a mobile blog is as easy as sending an SMS or e-mail to the blog server.

Creating a mobile blog is easy. It only takes three steps.

  • First, you should choose what blogging site you’d want to join. Nowadays most sites have bloggers to post entries to a regular weblog from their phones or create a new exclusive blog for their mobile entries. Compare the features they offer. Do they limit how large the images you can post? How much can you customize your layout and settings and how easy is it? Blogger mobile has a claim system where you need to input a code before you can make edits on your blog. Once you’ve found one that suits you sign up.
  • Check if they have tools that can help you post and manage entries to the blog servers. Though the interface of posting onto moblog is easy, it’s always great to see what aids are available. Kablog works for popular blog servers like Typepad, WordPress and Userland (Radio). Set it up so it’s configured to post to your newly created moblog.
  • Now take a photograph, write about it, and post. This was your friends and family can shae your experiences even when you’re a world away.

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Originally posted on October 26, 2006 @ 4:12 pm