Questions to Ask a Web Hosting Service

“But I don’t pay for web hosting,” you may be thinking. The fact is that every blog in existence today is using one sort of web hosting service or another. It’s just that some may not be aware of this fact because the blogging platform that they use automatically host the blog on their servers. For those who need more web space, looking for a separate web host may the best thing that you can do. There are many advantages to using a web host apart from what the blogging platform offers, and there are many web hosts to choose from. The task of picking out the best is up to you. Here are some questions that you can ask potential web hosting companies.

What is the uptime guarantee?

While there will always be times when the web host’s services may be down, they should be able to guarantee a minimum uptime. Ask about this guarantee and how they are able to enforce it. More so, it should be clear to you how you will be compensated if they are unable to live up to the guarantee.

What data centers do they use?

The global data center service sector has expanded a lot in the recent years, and web hosting companies may use data centers that are not in the same area as they are. While there are web hosting companies that do have their own data centers, there is the chance that they use data centers in another country. If your target audience is in the US, for example, then it is smart to go with a web host that utilizes data centers located in the country as well.

What is their support system like?

No matter how good a web host’s service, is you will find the need to get in touch with them for support at least once. You ought to look closely at the nature of their customer/technical support system. What venues can you use to get in touch with them? How fast are their response times? More than asking these questions, you might want to try out the contact venues yourself.

What control panel do they use?

The control panel will give you access to your account. It is important that you are able to navigate the control panel so that you can have full control over your account. If the control panel that they use is not a good fit, then you might not be a satisfied customer in the long run.

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Originally posted on January 23, 2011 @ 3:46 am