Blog Rush

Unless you’ve been really out of touch in the blogging world then you have probably heard about BlogRush by now. BlogRush was launched only very recently (Sept 15th) but has been making headlines, and more importantly, has been getting a real rush of bloggers signing up and putting up their widget on their blogs. But what is Blog Rush really? And what will it do for your blog?

Blog rush is simply a blog syndication network. With all the blog syndication networks peppering the internet what makes Blog Rush standout? Well, first of all, its claim of giving you an instant “rush’ of traffic has many believers subscribing to them. Secondly, their syndication model is certainly more innovative than most, which is probably why there are many believers.

So here’s how BlogRush works.

All you need to do is sign up and put up the BlogRush Widget on your blog. The widget will display blog post titles from other related blogs. In turn your blog post titles will also be displayed on the widgets of other related blogs. Very simple but effective but not that original since there has been other services like this in the past. The difference with BlogRush though is that it introduces some an innovation they call “syndication credits”. Simply put, the more syndication credits you have the greater number of times your blog posts titles will appear on other people’s BlogRush widgets. Syndication credits are awarded depending on the amount of traffic in your site and the number of referrals you send to BlogRush. This method makes it fair to all BlogRush users since the more you do for the entire network the more credits you will get. It’s a win-win situation for all.

By the way, BlogRush is FREE. So if you care to give it a try then head on to BlogRush’s website right away. It’ll do wonders for you in terms of link AND traffic. Shortcut SEO anyone?

Originally posted on September 27, 2007 @ 3:34 pm