Four Steps To Get More Traffic To Your Website Using MyBlogLog

You are probably familiar with MyBlogLog. This is a social networking site which allows you sign up and add a widget to blog so you can see your visitor’s avatars. I have used it on my blogs to see visitors coming to my web pages.

Here’s how it works… When you sign up in MyBLogLog, a small cookie is saved in your personal computer. A cookie is a text file containing information and is accesible by browsers. When you go to various sites that have mybloglog widget, the browser accessing the cookie and your picture will show up on the web page. You, the blog owner, would see an avatar – a picture representation of whoever visited your website.

People are naturally curious. They want to find out about people who saw their website. When they see an avatar, there is a tendency to click on it and discover more about their visitors. People would probably go to your blog because they saw your avatar in their websites. By just going around the blogosphere checking out those with mybloglog widgets, you can get traffic to your blog.

Here’s a simple technique to get traffic by taking advantage of the mybloglog plugin:

1.  First, sign up ang create a MyBloglog account.

2.  Upload an attention-grabbing avatar. In my experience, pretty pictures of young ladies get the attention of people. (Hmm, I wonder why.)

3.  Surf the net. When you see a website with the mybloglog plugin, bookmark it on your browser.

4.  Every morning (or when you start browsing the net), open all the blogs that you’ve bookmarked. Your avatar should now show up in all the web pages. You can use the FireFox browser for this because it allows you to open multiple bookmarks when you choose “Open All in Tabs”.

    Open MyBlogLog List in FireFox

    Naturally, your avatar would show up in their sites… virtually enticing them to check out your latest blog post.

    Try it out. It works.

    Originally posted on May 31, 2007 @ 1:39 am