Make Your Blog More Interactive With Plugins

A blog indeed is an effective way of sharing information with people. But in order for it to run smoothly and be more interactive, a blog today needs to utilize certain plugins.

Not a problem, though, because countless of creative minds passionate about internet technology continue to develop tools to help publishers in their pursuit to bringing relevant and useful information to their target audience. And they don’t create these tools in the hundreds only but in the thousands. In 2014 alone, some 3,200 plugins were listed.


Here are a few of these great plugins that we think can help make your site more user-friendly.

Easy Social Share Buttons

This plugin is an all-in-one social sharing tool. It allows users to share and monitor content on social networking sites.

Easy Social Share Buttons also features 12 native social buttons such as the like, follow and subscribe.

Live Composer Page Builder

This is a page builder but one which uses the frontend of WordPress instead of the backend. It lets you create posts and pages right on the page.

Awesome Gallery

If you have a photo blog or just wanted to create a photo gallery as an added attraction to your blog, the Awesome Gallery plugin is perfect. It will let you build attention-grabbing galleries using images sourced from posts, pages, attachments, Flickr, Facebook and even RSS feeds.

Gravity Forms Styler

If you want to customize your forms, the Gravity Forms Styler is a great plugin to use. It can create attractive styles to the standard fields, advanced fields, titles and descriptions, buttons, form borders, labels and backgrounds.

It is also possible to customize the form confirmation and error messages.

Real 3D FlipBook

Those who have PDF documents and images to share and wish to make their visitors’ browsing experience more unique and unforgettable should consider installing the Real 3D FlipBook plugin. This tool creates a flipbook from a PDF file or from JPEG and PNG images.

To use it, simply enter the URL and immediately, you will be provided with a 3D FlipBook.

Testimonials Showcase

Testimonials are one way of showing to your regular readers and visitors the people who have positive feedback on what you are doing. And if you want to create a section for this, you can get help from Testimonials Showcase.

This tool displays testimonials, reviews and quotes. It features two layout views – the grid and slider.

Essential Grid

This plugin lets you display your blog content in a grid type that can be customized. It’s great for blogs, galleries, portfolios, services, testimonials, product sliders and price tables.

There are loads of other great WordPress plugins you can use today. Just make sure to utilize those that can make your blog attractive and easy to use to encourage visitors to stay longer on your site.

Originally posted on February 14, 2015 @ 2:38 am