Video Blogging: Good Idea or Bad?

If your tired of typing away at your keyboard and want try a new platform you might want to look into video blogging. But before you start your video blog here are some things you should think about to see if it will be a good idea to go ahead or not.

Content – What will you be yacking about? If your video blog will only be about your day with pretty much the same content as your personal blog then it might not be too good an idea because frankly it will just bore people to death and you’ll appear plain narcissistic. However, if you are Scarlett Johansson or someone equally hot or famous then by all means yack all you want and people will still come in droves. Seriously though, content that will do well when it comes to video blogs would be technical content (think tips) that will be hard to plod through if you read through it as one blog post. In this case it will still be a good idea to add a slideshow for the content or at least an outline so that people can take note of what they learn. Comedy acts and amateur music videos also do well. The point is to just make sure that the content will be made more interesting by using a video, instead of written, format.

Your look – Let’s face it, it would be better if you are presentable when you appear on screen. So make sure to appear your best (especially if the video blog relates to your work/business!). If you think that no amount of grooming will make you look good then get creative and use puppets or have someone do the talking/presentation for you. This way you can at least claim to now be an amateur director/producer.

Video cam – Make sure your video cam has a good resolution. You don’t have to use a professional camera but at least make sure that your video won’t appear grainy. At the same time don’t go for a ridiculous resolution because you have to think about file size and loading time.

Originally posted on April 30, 2010 @ 8:55 am