2007 was good, and I know 2008 will be GREAT!

It’s the night before New Year and as is the tradition for most people to make resolutions, I’m making New Year’s blog resolutions of my own. 🙂 I think that blogging as a craft has to be perfected over time, and there is always room for improvement. I think that the same tenacity that one should apply in trying to survive life should be applied to blogging also. Over time, I had gotten more shrewd with my decisions and I’m starting to form a business paradigm for myself. Blogging and making a living are inextricably linked in my book, so it’s gone from mere playing with words and content managing software of control panel software like WordPress’ or Blogger’s. It’s become the ultimate grown-up game for me: finding a paradigm that suits me, formulating MY own system, and talking my hours away through writing. In 2007, I had seen my ultimate Achilles’ heel: burn-out and depression. So before that happens again, I would like to make a bit of insurance against it by resolving to:

  • Not take on more than I’m supposed to, or more than I can handle.

Taking on more than I can handle, or am supposed to, had been the one reason why I get burned out for three weeks before realizing that I need to pay the bills, so I get off my butt then start working again. Then I get burned out again. So it’s a cycle that has to be stopped and it starts with:

  • Being less greedy.

Being VERY greedy is the one reason why I was tempted to heap up too much work on my plate in the first place. So, because I learned my lesson in a PAINFUL way, I resolve to not let the dollar signs on my eyes light up to much so I can:

  • Pace myself.

Pacing myself so that I have constant output means less play and working to be on top of my deadlines and workload. Hopefully, I can get the hang of this so that I will be able to work up to par, and maximize both my income-generating capacities and the quality of my life (meaning that I will be able to have fun with friends too. :p)

  • Manage my time.

This is the ultimate. I’ve been turning off the instant messaging application for a long time now, to ward off the conversations that span an entire day, but still. Gah. And ultimately, I want to be able to:

  • Not work more, but to make everything more efficient.

The secret, according to Internet Marketing experts, is to not work more, but to be able to create a system that would allow you to snap the chain from your computer and allow money to just come in without you needing to lift a finger.. Or use it to keep clicking on links. I hope to be able to do these, because even if my friends envy the fact that I work at home, sometimes I realize that I’m chained to my dormitory room for a reason, and the reason is that my work habits and systems were inefficient. Thus, I sense that 2008 would be a hope-filled year, and so I am going to help make it so, by becoming more disciplined and to make things more efficient, so that I will be able to do less but earn more. 😉 Glorious new year, everyone!

Originally posted on December 31, 2007 @ 8:06 pm