A Quick Guide To A Great Link Post

Many bloggers make use of link posts to come up with relevant, interesting, and fresh content. In a nutshell, a link post points readers to another web site or blog (with a link, of course). Some may wonder why a blogger would do such a thing – provide an exit point for readers. If you think about it though, link posts are a great way to provide more information to your readers. For me, the most important thing about creating a link post that works for YOU is to inject your own thoughts and ideas about the topic. The thing with link posts is that you are actually sharing someone else’s original idea. You can opt to merely tell your readers “Hey, I read this article and I think you should read it too,” or you can add your own flavor to it. Adding the second step makes the link post your own, as opposed to merely passing the word on that there is this great article. As a matter of fact, if the piece of news that you are linking to surprised at how your readers may react. You might even get new visitors your way. Another thing that I think is important is for you to get snippets of the original article. Don’t get me wrong and start copy pasting the whole thing. The idea is to give your readers a sneak preview of what is in store for them. You can also get lines and/or quotes that struck you the most to prove a point. Link posts are easy to write. They are informative. You just have to make sure you spin your post the right way.

Originally posted on January 24, 2011 @ 3:21 am