Blog Demographics With pMetrics

As promised, this column will be about the potential treasure trove of information that one can gain through the use of software and services that enable bloggers and web developers to assess and survey their readership. Just like anything in life, those who choose to be learners get an edge by using every bit of information to their advantage. They may come in the form of SEO know-how, deft writing skills and similar talents, but in the end, it’s important to check how well these measures have worked for your bottomline. This is where Performancing’s Pmetrics come into play.


Pmetrics is probably the most comprehensive readership analytics provider in the market right now who offers a high degree of detail and scrutiny for no fee at all. Signing up is a breeze. After filing out the form with your particulars, all that’s left to be done is insert a very short string of code to your page (you may include this on your footer.php file). It will sit there inconspicuously as it compiles noteworthy information about your visitors and readers. Aside from recording the number of unique hits and total hits you get while on Pmetrics, the service also covers an array of potentially important things:

  • Pmetrics tracks which entries are getting read the most. This can help you focus on the topics that interest your readers the most.
  • Pmetrics also tracks and stores the IP addresses of all your visitors. You will also see how long they stayed in your blog and you’ll also be party to every click they made through out their visit.
  • The visitor’s country, operating system and browser can also be traced thanks to Pmetrics.
  • The referring websites and sites people click while people are on your site can also be accounted for.
  • Most importantly, you’ll know which terms are putting you on the map SEO-wise. If you have an SEO strategy in place already, you can countercheck if your selected keywords are truly bringing in the desired results.

All that and the joy and satisfaction of knowing that you had readers halfway across the world who spent time on your page is worth the three minutes needed to sign up, right? And best of all, your readers won’t even know that you knew every little thing they did with that visit – unless you tell them of course! If you’re feeling extra obnoxious, you may choose to make your stats available for other people to see. That’s one way to milk your eye-popping hits numbers!

Originally posted on June 17, 2007 @ 8:49 am