Blogging Smart: Why Discretion is a Must

One of the things that people enjoy about the internet is the anonymity it provides. Depending on the level of anonymity you prefer you can be extremely secretive and be an unknown netizen with a completely different persona on the internet or still maintain your own identity and not be anonymous at all. When it comes to blogging it is not much different. The appropriate level of anonymity though will all depend on what your blog is all about. For bloggers who need to build their online credibility it doesn’t make much sense to maintain any level of anonymity at all in terms of your real name. If you are a tech blogger and want to be known for it you need to not only sell your blog but your name at all. You want your online persona to be the same as your offline identity to be able to reap the advantages of being a famous tech blogger like being invited to conferences, being wooed and hired by large companies, etc. However, this also means that discretion is a must.

If you are staking your name as a person through your blog then you need to protect your name by being discreet at time. If you have a personal blog you’d better make sure that all information you publish in your blog is fit to be read by ANYONE. If you are using your blog as a journal then put a password on posts that need to be kept private. Remember if you do not do this anyone can read your blog, including your present boss or a prospective employer. Keep your dirty laundry off public records and if you do have a contrary nature make sure you are at least informed and sound logical before spouting out opinions that might be considered unsavoury. It’s not about having no guts…it’s about being smarter and safer. In real life we need to learn to hold our tongues. Well guess what? Blogging is a part of the real life.

Originally posted on November 30, 2007 @ 10:54 pm