Conversing in the blogosphere

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Blogging is about sharing your points of view, it is about conversation. If you want to get your point across, you have to write it well and clearly enough so that whoever stumbles upon your blog will be able to relate with you and learn from you. Maybe after several months of blogging and you have not seen any feedback at all from anyone, maybe you have a problem – no one might be reading your blog all this time. Now that is something difficult to deal with.

With that dilemma in mind, how do you get your point across? How do you engage people to converse with you on your blog?

Previously, there are already tips listed in this blog so that you could generate traffic. (If you have not seen them yet, check out Getting Traffic To Your Blog. Part 1 and Getting Traffic To Your Blog. Part 2.) The techniques include commenting regularly on other blogs, sending out emails to other bloggers about your blog or certain entries you are particularly proud of.

For the purpose of engaging in conversations with other bloggers, here are a few things you could take note of:

  1. Trackback to related posts.
    There are other bloggers who might be like-minded or those with a contrary perspective. In any case, you could start conversations with them via trackbacks.
  2. Comment regularly.
    It would be good to have regular comment frequencies on other blogs. It shows how interested you are in the topic they talk about.
  3. Give meaningful comments.
    These days there are spam comments which would say “You have a nice site! Have a wonderful day.” then they would have URLs to information such as loans, betting, et cetera. Give your own opinions. Also, follow up on the comments you make. There are blogs that give the RSS of comments made.

Your voice matters in the blogosphere and if you do not take the opportunities to get heard, you might not be able to interact much with others. Aside from that, having your voice heard clearly would also help you in making an impression online.

Originally posted on June 13, 2006 @ 3:49 pm