Don’t know what article to Post?

What to do when you don’t know what to post. I occasionally encounter this problem at least once a week. This is mostly due to stress that I can’t think of any possible topic to post about, or when the good topics have already been posted. What I usually do is fix myself a cup of coffee, relax and just chill out, listen to music ( rock music works for me ). When writing an article you must enjoy and be comfortable on that subject, the harder the subject the less you would be able to post an article so in order to do that you must be stress free. Another tip is do something which is not related to blogging, take me as an example, for my stress busting day-off from blogging I go out with my friends for a nice day of paintball, releases all those pent-up rages and adrenaline you’ve kept for the week. Now after a tiring day of paintball, I can think of far-out topics about “how not to be a sitting duck when playing paintball” or “That 13-year old kid Owned me”, and or you can apply your guerilla tactics to your blog post, like “seek and destroy” , “Hit and Run” that sort of stuff, now will you be that lonely sniper that wait for perpetual targets to come into your view, will you be the Delta Force ( Elite Special Forces), or the Grunt of the blogging Army. Blogging is fun when you enjoy every minute of it.

Originally posted on August 7, 2007 @ 4:21 am