Guest Blog Your Way to More Readers and Links

I have done a few posts on guest blogging. Other bloggers here in blog-tutorials like Jaren and Guru have also posted about the same topic. However, the usual focus is on the benefits of having a guest blogger, with the most obvious being helping you out when you’re in a rut or need to take a vacation from your blog for some other reason. What I haven’t expounded on though is the benefits of blogging on other blogs. The most obvious advantage is of course added exposure. You get the benefit of being read by the other blogs’ regular readers without having to figure out a way for them to land on your own blog first. Of course, if you do your job well and write an interesting enough post you get the added bonus of being checked out by the blogs’ readers and hopefully getting new subscribers. Aside from the additional readership, SEO-wise you also get the benefit of getting another inbound link to your blog. Now, if you want to maximize this make sure that you ask the blog owner where you are guest posting to use your preferred URL and to use your blog title or preferred keyword for the link text. More value in terms of relevance will also be passed on if the blog where you post at has the same topic/theme as your blog, however, it is my philosophy that it is still a good idea to guest post in blogs of different topic or even non-thematic personal blogs if you want to widen your readership. In the end what it all boils down to is making sure that your guest post is as catchy as can be and that the latest posts in your blog is equally catchy so that when readers come pouring in they will have a reason to want to subscribe.

Originally posted on November 24, 2009 @ 6:14 am