How A-List Bloggers Build Traffic (Off-Blog) for their Blogs

Want to know how to get traffic for your blog? Who better to ask than the top bloggers? And this is what Jonathan Fields did when he asked them to answer this question:

    “If you had 2-hours a day to devote to no-cost, off-blog (even off-line) marketing for your blog, what would you do?”

Wanting to share with you these bloggers’ wisdom I picked those that represented most of the answers. For the full list of answers from today’s A-list bloggers please visit Jonathan Field’s Blog.

Darren Rowse ( – Guest Posting – I’d identify a handful of other blogs in my niche (or surrounding niches) to offer to write some guest posts for. Networking – I’d spend a lot of time interacting with other bloggers and their readers – commenting on their blogs, emailing them and exploring ways of working together in win-win ways.

Alister Cameron (

    1. Create the next killer WordPress plugin or theme
    2. Build relationships with top stumblers (and diggers)
    3. Write guest posts for [big blogs in your niche]
    4. Plan/research for next link-baity post
    5. Comment like crazy on other key blogs and some lesser-known ones
    6. Design a theme for (Gets you a PR9 link)

Maki (
– Building relationships with influential people is my favorite off-blog marketing method because it gives the greatest amount of returns for all your efforts. Promote the content of other people, send emails, chat on IM, do favors, connect people together, help them achieve their goals. This is a great way to brand yourself or your site and makes it so much easier to get support or publicity in turn when you need it.

All in all their responses emphasized the importance of social networking when it comes to promoting your blog.

Originally posted on November 20, 2007 @ 11:52 am