How to Motivate yourself to Avoid Blog Burnout

How to Motivate yourself to Avoid Blog Burnout.

Blogging can actually stress us out, especially if we have tons of deadlines to finish, and as we know that stress is the number one productivity killer. Much like working on offices, we get stressed out as we get near our deadlines, unfinished projects and such. That we have to work additional hours just to catch up with our deadlines, and thus lessening time for our personal stuffs. But we can avoid being stressed and eventually getting burned out by motivating ourselves.

Motivating yourself is a key to success in your blogging career or hobby. The more Motivated you are the better the chances that you will succeed in your chosen career.

Commitment – Passion, Commitment, Enthusiasm serves as a good, effective personal motivator. The more Passion you put in your work, the more you will work to achieve your goal.

Organized – The more organized you are, such as setting an attainable daily task, and a great use of time management, keeps you focused on the task at hand. Plan you’re daily tasks before you go to sleep and review them before you start your work the next day.

Professionalism – Take pride in your work. DO every project or the task at hand with enthusiasm and professionalism. And be rewarded with respect, and the satisfaction of a “job well done”.

Take a break and relax Having a good Work and personal life balance is extremely important. If you think work is too important to miss. Guess again, taking a break, a vacation makes an employee more productive, and stress-free because after all you aujust “cleared your cache” so you’re off to a fresh start again.

Originally posted on November 30, 2007 @ 6:04 am