Information Burn Can Kill Your Blog

With the trend of blogging rising at its peak, because of the trend towards the ease of blogging with tools, blogging software, plugins, themes and more importantly information. It’s easy to get information just by browsing on blogs and sites, search for information using search engines and such. But with so many blogs out there you have to have an edge right? Yes, that’s right, so we supply our readers with tons of information, but the downside is that too much information can kill your blog. You want to know why? It’s because of over-supplying Information, you loose track on new and fresh topics that needs to be posted, because you already posted it. So it’s best NOT to put too much detail in your articles but still research deeper on the article that you’re about to post. And also it’s best to post or blog about a certain subject in which you have experience or have first-hand knowledge of.

With tons of blogs out there chances are the article, story you want to post or blog has already been posted or been blogged about. So if you have better knowledge on the article you want to blog or post on your blog then already have an edge on what the other blogs have to offer but also try to keep the information to the “gist” of the article and don’t sugar coat it and be straight to the point,

Originally posted on December 26, 2007 @ 10:00 am