Learning to Blog through Experience

Image: fireflybusinesscoach

People who are just starting to explore the world of blogging will find so many tips in the Internet on how to go about it.  There will be so many recommendations, suggestions, tutorials, and even lessons to be found on this topic that budding bloggers will definitely have an idea of what it is all about just by going through them.  That said, there is one thing that is needed before anyone actually learn about blogging and that is the all-important experience.

The word blogging itself can already be a source of great confusion because “blog” is a fairly new addition to the dictionary.   There is no known word from which it was singly derived.  What is its difference with writing which has long been part of the English language?

Blogging involves web writing, that is quite clear.  However, the commitment required of blogging, at least for those who seek to establish a real audience and even earn from it is of a different level.  Many think of blogging as leisurely writing which is partly true because most bloggers really enjoy putting frequent updates on their blogs but blogging as a profession may require more from the blogger.

Learning to blog would include consistent writing, quality writing, promoting and syndicating contents, and interacting in the online environment.  A big part of this is learned through experience.  There will be mistakes made along the way but it is part of the learning process.  Gaining experience is only possible when bloggers do the work themselves as that is where true learning begins.


Originally posted on October 25, 2012 @ 9:02 am