Opinionated Blogger = Successful Blogger?

One of the most important things to realize if you want to be a successful blogger is that you need to have a mind of your own, know your take on things, and be willing to let the world know what it is you think. If you are a blogger that only keeps on rehashing other people’s opinions you’ll end up having a blog that feels more like a newsfeed than a blog. In that case what’s the use of that blog? Your readers might as well just subscribe to a news feed and get the facts there. After all it’s just as easy to read the news online now as it is to read blogs. So lesson # 1 is to HAVE AN OPINION. Most popular bloggers, if you look at their blogs, are very opinionated. It doesn’t matter if people agree with their opinions or not but what’s important is that they can offer their OWN perspective and stand by what they write. So lesson # 2 is to HAVE A BACKBONE. However, you should remember that having a backbone is not the same as being stubborn. We all make mistakes and sometimes draw incorrect conclusions. In cases when you miss the mark you should also know when to retract your statement and apologize if needed. Lesson # 3 is KNOW WHEN TO BACK DOWN AND/OR APOLOGIZE. So if you want to be a successful blogger start getting real. Having an opinion will not guarantee your blog’s success but having none will almost guarantee failure.

Originally posted on November 26, 2009 @ 10:31 pm