Quickie Tips on Becoming a Better Podcaster

A well-produced podcast can add a layer of value to your blog.  If you’ve been staying away from the medium because you think it’s a passing fad, I ask you to reconsider.  All signs point to continued audio growth.

Since April 2005 I’ve produced the Working Podcast, a career advice and employment news show that aims to inform, entertain and unite cubicle dwellers.  While the show has grown at a steady rate, I’ve definitely made some mistakes along the way.  With almost 80 shows under my belt, here are a few things that I’d love to hear more podcasters do.
– BE CONFIDENT. If you don’t sell yourself as an authority, why should anyone listen?

– BE PRESENT. Have you ever heard a timid radio DJ on the air?  Of course not.  You must embrace the mic, especially if it’s an instrument you’ve never used before.  Sometimes all it takes is practice.

– BE TIGHT. Dead air is your enemy. You should give your content room to breathe, but every moment of silence (or fumbling) is an opportunity for someone to bail.

– BE BIG. It’s amazing to me the number of large organizations that produce content that sounds like it’s coming from the janitorial closet.  Your goal should be the opposite; sound like you’re coming from a radio studio even when you ARE recording in the closet.

Later this week, more podcasting tips.

Originally posted on February 12, 2008 @ 2:09 pm