Reasons Why we Blog

What is the reason we blog? Is it a hobby? A profession? I blog to express my feelings, emotions, and topics that interest me. Blogging is easy if you have fun while doing it, so try to blog about a topic that you know and have experience in.

Everyone of us wants our voice to be heard but we still have to think about what we post. Remember, it’s lame to post your daily schedule or what you ate for lunch. You may post about 10-20 articles a day, but if all of those posts are about what you did, then people will just leave your blog and look for something else. The quality of the post is better than quantity. What’s cute about blogging is that it touches readers, because it’s very conversational like you’re telling a story, but still giving them information.

Try to post about your hobbies and interests, giving details but still maintaining an easy going, conversational article then you would reach out to the people who, like you, share a same interest on the topic you posted. And rest assured little by little you can create a fan base slowly but surely on your chosen, specific topic.

So for a better rundown things I’ve learned,

  1. Blog in a topic you are comfortable and knowledgeable in.
  2. Post Quality articles (create a posting schedule)
  3. Post Original articles, if not then remember to state your source in respect to the one that posted it
  4. Check for grammatical errors (be sure to proofread your article or better yet let another proofread it for you)
  5. Be conversational, ( add humor, give a smart quote)
  6. KISS ( keep it simple, sweetie)
  7. Read other related Blogs
  8. Give intelligent Comments
  9. Respond to the comments people posted on your blog
  10. Accept constructive criticisms

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Originally posted on August 4, 2007 @ 7:46 am