Resizing Images: Tips and Tools

When adding images to your blog posts make sure that you have resized them to a size that is not only aesthetically appealing but also SEO friendly. Resizing images is not a hard task, however, when resizing images simply recalculating the ratio may not be a good idea especially if the new image size is a lot larger than the original one. The reason for this is that the image gets pixelized and you end up with a grainy image that just isn’t nice to look at. If you want to resize images beyond changing the dimensions here are some apps you might want to use. All tried and tested and really easy to use.

  • *Irfanview
  • *ACDSee
  • *Picasa – I actually use Picasa as my default image/pic viewer at home. Haven’t used the previous two in quite a while but still, they should work well enough.
  • You can also resize your images online at sites like Picnik. Picnik will resize your images for you free of charge WITHOUT even requiring you to sign up/register. It allows you upload photos from various social sites. If you want to have all the goodies though you’ll need to signup and of course pay. However, for blogging purposes I find their free version more than sufficient. As for the SEO part make sure that when resizing images you also pay attention to aspect ratio. If you want your images to have a chance of appearing beside your link at Google’s SERPs make sure you use an image that has a common aspect ratio.

    Originally posted on December 21, 2009 @ 7:41 am