Round Up Posts: To do or not to do?

At the end of the week (or month) should you write a round up post or not? If your blog is a personal journal/diary type blog you should even think of doing this. Not only is it unnecessary but it will also be boring for your readers. Round up posts for personal blogs are acceptable during special events though because it will be like summarizing your life in the past year or so. I usually do a round up post at the start of the year but note that I do NOT link to each and every post but only to the highlights (or lowlights) of my year. For those with topical blogs a round up post is neither necessary nor even remotely useful, in which case it would be much better not doing a round up post. However, blogs that have a very high posting frequency can benefit from round up posts. A good example of a popular blog that does weekly round up posts would be SEOmoz’s blog. If you look at their round up posts though you’ll notice that the post itself is useful because they: *Only include the most interesting posts, *Rate the posts from most interesting to a bit interesting, *Categorize the posts and write short descriptions of each post the link points to; and *Include links to related/interesting posts from other blogs. So if you do choose to have regular round up posts on your blog make sure that each round up post will be of real value to your reader.

Originally posted on October 24, 2009 @ 11:51 pm