So You Think Your Blog is Perfect

There is an existing danger in believing that your blog is perfect as it is. It is either you leave no room for improvement and risk becoming stagnant if “perfection” is indeed a present reality or you suffer the consequences of having yourself as your sole critic and find out too late that your idea of good is quite far-off from that of your target market. It is never easy to hear others say negative things about your work but well-founded critiquing from a different point of view can do more good than what our ego would usually admit. There is much pride in coming out with exceptional work on your own but this is not always possible. This is especially so in the online world which is obviously multi-dimensional. A person may have excellent copy-writing skills but at the same time be technologically-challenged. Thus, exceptionally-written articles run the risk of being buried under less-than-professional navigational platform. Even the most multi-faceted individual stands to benefit from learning the comments of others. Blog developers have the tendency to hold a one-sided view of their creations and are therefore not fit to provide assessment. Blogs have no use for self-serving comments and are better off hearing constructive criticism for serious consideration. Brutal honesty is what would help propel blogs to success especially if the criticism is followed by recommendation for appropriate action. Professional editors and web developers attained their status through extensive experience and it is a mistake not to make use of their knowledge especially when it is offered. The toughest critics are usually the best companions for real growth. Sometimes what we consider our best is wanting of actual needs so it is always recommended to get a wake-up call from others.  

Originally posted on April 26, 2012 @ 11:39 am