Speak Greek?

Greek is one of the ancient languages but is not spoken much all over the world today. However, many of today’s English words are actually based on Greek. Just for your information, here are some useful “Greek” words that you can use when writing your blog posts. These words are part of the list presented in Daily Writing Tips.

The exclamation Eureka is used to celebrate a discovery, and it can be translated to “I have found!”. It is attributed to the famous Greek mathematician Archimedes. While taking a bath, he suddenly realized that the water displaced must be equal to the volume of the part of his body he had submerged. He got so excited with the discovery that he left his home and started to run and shout “Eureka!” through the streets of Syracuse.

Those eureka moments in the shower or on the bus when something suddenly starts to make sense only happen if you keep plugging away. (The Guardian)

I doubt that I would ever make a discovery or come to a realization like Archimedes but using Eureka! is always fun.

You have a plethora when you go beyond what is needed or appropriate. It represents an excess or undesired abundance.
In California, for example, some neighborhoods have been blighted by the plethora of empty homes. Joe Minnis, a real estate agent for Prudential California, knows foreclosed homes in San Bernardino that have been systematically stripped, trashed and tagged by gang members. (Business Week)

I love using this word. There is a plethora of blogs today and there is a plethora of words that we can use to come up with our blog posts. Try using these words today to make your blog posts more interesting!

Originally posted on January 10, 2009 @ 3:26 am