The importance of making static pages for your blog

WordPress pages
If you are using WordPress, you can have static pages. What are static pages and what can you use them for?

Static Pages

These are pages that are more or less stay as they are. They are more often than not pages that contain the information that you would like your visitors to have access to. The information could be about you and or your blog.

What could you use static pages for?

  1. About page
    Give more information about you, your blog. Writing a nice page to introduce your blog and yourself is great but wouldn’t it be better if you have that kind of information accessible right away? Sometimes people get really interested and it’s best if you give them what they’d like to see.
  2. Contact page
    You could have a page wherein you have a listing of the different ways to contact you. You could even include a contact form, if you want it. Sometimes it could be awkward for your readers to leave a comment which is off-topic from the rest of your posts but still related to you or your interests.
  3. Portfolio
    If you are a writer and you would like to showcase your talent, you could have a listing of the works you got published. You could also have a gallery there. You could even post recipes you would like to share, if you like. After all, you just have to add plugins.
  4. Feeds page
    If you would like to have a mini-RSS and news aggregator on your blog, you could add a page which would do that. If you have some favorite blogs and you would like them to be easily accessible from your blog, you could set up the page with PHP-Exec and BDP RSS.

You could do a whole lot more with static pages! It is all up to you and your imagination. Whatever your needs are, there seems to be a whole lot of things you could do with WordPress.


Originally posted on July 2, 2010 @ 9:31 am