Tips on Promoting Your Blog

All right, so your blog is up and running and you have content on it. Now how do you bring people in to look at your blog? Here are a few suggestions, mostly taken from, “The Guide To Promoting Your Web Page” Buying Advertising: The average person can’t afford to buy a massive advertising campaign, but there are a few options that people can afford even on budget. If you buy banner ads keep in mind that your click-through rate is probably going to be around 1%. That means a million banner ads will probably only bring 10,000 people to your web site. Some have had best success with pop-under ads (on Ebay you can get about 100k of those for around $25). Although they may be annoying, they are also effective. We strongly recommend that you stay away from any type of spamming however. The headaches it’ll cause for you probably aren’t going to be worth the traffic it brings in. Link Trades: To trade links, you simply find a web page you like, acquire their email address and then email the author of the page asking them if they’d like to trade links. This is an excellent way to increase your traffic because not only will you get more traffic from the link, but it will make the people you link more likely to link things off of your page. Linking Other Pages: Linking other websites will help you get bigger. That’s because it increases the value of your page to your readers by giving them more content than you alone can provide and because it will get YOU linked. Furthermore, most webmasters check their statistics regularly and if they see a link from a new place they go to check it out and see what was linked. That gets your blog in front of people who are in a position to send you traffic. Promotional Emails & Link Submittal: Look for pages that link the type of information you have on your page and shoot them an email or submit a link (if they have a way to do that) telling them about articles of interest on your page. As a general rules of thumb you might want to keep the number of promotional emails to two or less per week and you’ll want to make sure the articles you’re promoting are exceptional. Sending people links to mediocre posts is going to annoy them and cause them to tune your emails out. Search Engines: The only two search engines you can ever get a significant amount of traffic from are Google and Yahoo and both of these Search Engines will find your page even if you do nothing. There are services out there (some are free, some aren’t) that will let you submit your page to various search services but, some are considered to be of dubious value. We would certainly recommend against paying for any service related to search engines. Top Referrers: Every go to your blog‘s statistics tracker, count up top referrers for the previous week, and post the list on your front page. This would help your page to grow and we do believe this will inspire other people to link your main page in order to get that reciprocal link. This is an idea that We strongly recommend because we genuinely believe it can help you grow.

Originally posted on June 24, 2010 @ 6:24 pm