Writers’ block dragging you down?

Every once in a while people experience what is called the writers’ block. Tough life, isn’t it? But it does happen. Have you had one yourself? If not, good for you. But if you have, how did you deal with it?


Some things to help you get writing when suffering from the so-called writers’ block:

Read, read, read.

Find some interesting materials. Grab a random book or your favorite one. Check your email or your mobile phone for messages. Surely there is something that would be interesting to write about in your blog from those sources. Still nothing coming in your mind to talk about? Surf the Internet. Randomly browse sites from Topix or Newsvine. You could even try doing a Google search on something random like a certain object like thumbtacks, baking soda or ink. Sometimes the most obscure things sound so interesting that you simply have to write about them.

Talk to a friend. Maybe even a stranger.

You might have someone there beside you. If not, call up someone and just talk. Sometimes there are profound or lucid moments while conversing with someone. Also, it might help you remember some details of a topic you have been interested in writing about before.

If you plan to talk to a stranger, remember to be careful. Not everyone is willing to do that and certainly not all questions would be appropriate. But it would sure be an interesting experience. Or a boring one. It would depends on so many factors.

Check out writing prompts.

Some people use specific tools. It could be card games for writers that aim to help cure the writers’ block. It could be images too. If certain paintings by the masters inspire you, check them out.

Originally posted on June 21, 2006 @ 3:37 pm