My Blogging Habits

Blogging is essentially writing, only that it’s an Internet-based medium, and you have the option to give a little link lovin’. :p Plus, you get to format your post on your own, and if you have your own blog, you get to format it yourself, blahblahblah.

Today’s post will be about my personal blogging habits. As I said, I am stricken with verbal diarrhea and an overactive mind. I cannot live a single day without needing to write something. Yes, there were points that I had to take time off blogging or writing, but those were because I was spiritually sick and even dying. But in general, I am so brimming with ideas that I have to:

Keep some of my topic ideas written in a small notebook. I actually have a couple of text files with all the topics I want to pursue written on them and they’re scattered in several folders. There are times that my RAM just maxes out so I have to close several programs in favor of the one I’m using at the moment, and these times, I save haphazardly, so I end up needing to use Spotlight to find my files. I’m a scatterbrained blogger, I know.

My other blogging habits include:

Naming my files with the date I posted the article. I once reorganized my folders and I had no idea whether I had posted the file or not. So from that point on, I would add a prefix of the posted date before the filename of the article I just posted. So for this one, this would be “1223myblogginghabitz”. :p

I keep that small notebook in my bag when I go out, and I always have a pen handy, because I want to be able to note down whatever crazy idea I got while I’m out. Usually, when I’m out for church or when I’m meeting someone, the wait allows me to observe people, and sometimes ideas strike in the most unlikely of places. That’s why I need to get me an Asus eeePC. :p

I blog anywhere in my room. That includes the floor when my “prayer mat” (a purple round rug with adorable penguins on it) seduces me, or even on the potty when I am compelled to finish spewing out my thoughts. When I need air I go blog downstairs, on my dorm’s “lobby.” I have a table I can drag to my bed, because I like working in a Japanese/Indian sitting position most of the time. I have a chair I can use with the table if I tire of the bed, and I have a bed tray I got for a third of its original price that I use when orthostatic hypotension or my backache hits me.

I usually blog before daybreak. That’s when the energy comes (“Building a Mystery” by Sarah McLachlan) err, no. I blog before daybreak because the Internet speeds are just so much faster around that time in my country. Also, it’s so silent in the mornings, so I’m not as easily distracted by pesky cars. :p

We all have our blogging quirks and peculiar habits. What are yours? 🙂

Originally posted on December 23, 2007 @ 9:58 pm