Say No to Memes

Memes are something that you should stay away from. As always I exempt personal blogs from this rule but even then answering and posting memes should be limited to as infrequently as possible. The reason for this advice is simple – memes are boring. Memes are so boring that no one really ever cares to read through every single question and answer listed on each memes, especially if the meme is long. I do read some people’s memes but mostly only from those who very rarely post memes (once a year or less) and/or those very close to me. Memes are also generally useless since questions are often rehashed and simply given in different order, given a new meme name, or phrased differently. Because of this memes are just NOT acceptable for business blogs or even topical blogs. If you do run out of material to write instead of indulging yourself by answering a meme then just be the one to ask questions. Ask your readers relevant questions on your topic and do a poll. That’ll be a good enough blog answer memes if you must but again limit the number of memes you answer and at the very least choose short and relatively unique/interesting memes. Also don’t drag others into answering your meme and avoid tagging anyone (unless you know they really like memes). Tagging people puts them in an uncomfortable position because they of course don’t want to ignore you but at the same time usually don’t want to post memes. So for the sake of good internet manners DON’T TAG.

Originally posted on October 27, 2009 @ 9:35 am