Self Revelation And Blogging

Remember my post on being too personal in your blog (if there is even such a thing)? Apparently, this line of thinking has also hit other bloggers. It is not just me who has been wondering about personal stuff in blogs. Andrew G.R. over at The Blog Herald wrote something similar early last month. He wrote:

The more I immerse myself into the blogosphere, the more of myself I feel slipping away.

By day, I’m conservative and private.

By night, I speak my mind and share personal details of my life.

Is blogging my reawakening? Or is it stripping away something I can never take back?

Do you sometimes feel this way? I know that for me, it is so true. All day long, I try to keep things to myself and not open myself up too much to people I come in contact with – except for a few couple of really close friends. When I write in my personal blog, though, it seems that I find it so much easier to slip my guard. And in more cases than one, it might have been more than a slip.

Now we are approaching the subject in another perspective. In my post about being too personal, I was thinking more of the audience. Why would they want to read too much personal stuff? In this post, I am thinking more of the writer – you. Are you exposing yourself too much that you are losing your sense of privacy?

Step back and reassess your writing. Maybe you are saying too much. Or maybe it’s just right. Only you can tell.

Originally posted on February 13, 2009 @ 11:09 am