What’s Your Strange Blogging Habit?

Each person has his own peculiar habit (or habits, if you wish) and I suppose blogging is not exempt from this. Take for example J. Angelo’s recent feature over at The Blog Herald. He mentioned the late Max Soliven’s habit of writing his work on his typewriter despite the ease and convenience that computers offer. J. Angelo also shared his own habit of not bookmarking sites and instead typing out the URL in the address bar (I have to admit I am the same way).

This got me thinking about my other habits that I might see as normal but might prove to be a bit on the eccentric side for others. Here’s my list.

1. I write my posts on MS Word, copy paste to a text editor, and then cut paste to the browser. Why do I do this? I want to save a copy of my posts in case I might need them in the future so I save them in Word. However, in order to not mess up the formatting when I paste to the browser, I use Notepad first. It may seem like more work for some but it is all part of my workflow. 

2. I usually light a cigarette when I start writing. Often, though, I end up letting it burn when I become too engrossed in writing. As a result, I end up lighting more.

3. Same thing with coffee – I get a huge mug ready and then forget about it. I still drink my cold cup, though!

So we all have these little habits that may not always make sense. What’s in your list?

Originally posted on November 16, 2008 @ 8:50 am