Make Your Pitch the Right Way

  If you are a blogger looking into product reviews, you will need to make an effective pitch on companies who may be interested in working with bloggers to promote their products or services. It is not always easy to be noticed among the many who have the same purpose as you do so it is best to be prepared for the expected competition ahead. Competition is not only among bloggers but also competition in the attention span of the person who will decide on your proposal. When making a pitch, it is of primary importance not to waste the company’s time by sending very detailed information about your blog that isn’t actually needed to get the deal. Companies looking into promoting their products and services through blogs are on the look out for active, interactive, and highly viewed sites. However, this does not mean that blogs with the highest number of viewers will automatically get the nod. Blogs related to the product or service are more interesting in the eyes of companies because they know that there is more possibility of getting the target audience from there. Making the right pitch starts with giving a well-written, sensible letter of offer. A letter that is riddled with grammatical errors will never merit an approval for the blogger. If a blogger cannot even get the letter right, then companies will simply presume that the offered contents are not any better. The letter should also contain what the blogger believes are the best points that he can offer to the company and of course the link to his blog so the person in charge can quickly look over the blog if desired. It is worth remembering though that nothing is assured no matter how good a pitch is. If you get declined in one , just try the next opportunity. Image: umreviews About the Author: Teresa is a blogger who does product reviews.

Originally posted on February 8, 2013 @ 10:43 am