About Blog Tutorials

Content is king, they say. But a blog isn’t just about content. Sure, the main concern of blogger (or we can say “personal publisher”) is to bring the word out, to have the world as an audience for what one has to say. However, without the right tools and methodologies to do this, you would essentially be without an edge.

You need good design. You need good marketing. You need to optimize your blog for both people and machines.

This is why we’re here. At Blog Tutorials, we will help you build a better blog (or improve your blog if you already have an existing one). Whether it’s about blog software, writing, or even earning from your blog, we have it here.

Please feel free to dig through our archives, or simply wait for our regular updates. Hopefully we would be able to help our fellow bloggers, one-by-one, in succeeding in whatever goals you have with your blogs.