The Wonders of Multiply

I have made quite a few discoveries since my last appearance on the blogosphere, and one of them is the beauty of blogging on

To the uninitiated, is a social networking blog community that offers much more than an avenue for bloggers to converge and converse, while also offering file hosting services, all for free! had become quite the rage for Filipinos because of its Marketplace, Reviews and Recipe areas. Not only can a user’s site contain just blog entries, one can also have a separate area solely for items for sale (Marketplace), Reviews (it can be anything from gadgets to books to music), and even Recipes for the foodies.

The great thing about separate areas for these is that it allows the user to organize his or her Multiply site better. You can arrange the summaries or links for these areas with some degree of freedom around the main page. You can even modify the CSS to tweak Multiply to your satisfaction.

Multiply also has cross-posting functions, wherein you can actually make posts and publish it both on Multiply and another blog of your choice. Multiply allows cross-posting between Blogger, TypePad, LiveJournal, and even on Yahoo! 360, Windows Live Spaces, and you can even import your wish lists from!

It was with Multiply that I found out how to make use of tags, FINALLY! 😀

I didn’t exactly get to appreciate these tags, whatever they were, because I just thought they were random words that you put on that field, just related to your post. But when I discovered that you can actually organize your posts better through those nifty tags, I finally got to appreciate them taggies and I’ve become an addict of them since.

Multiply, as I mentioned earlier, also has areas where you can host your photos, videos, and even music. Within your posts, you can also embed attachments, say, a PDF file, a Word document, or even an .XLS file to enhance your readers’ experience, if these are relevant to your posts.

But the killer function of Multiply, the one which set it apart from the other sites, is that your posts get announced in your contacts’, and even their contacts’, inboxes! Because of these, you can gain more friends, and have your posts read by more people!

Multiply, for me, is the über-site. It has combined all the elements of social networking, file hosting and sharing, and even allows you to, well, Multiply your friends because of its features. 🙂

Originally posted on March 17, 2008 @ 10:17 pm