Blog now… It just might get lame later on.

Blog now… It just might get lame later on. You may be a good writer and never run out of good topics to post but sometimes, you end up completely empty of output. Did your writing skills suddenly take a nosedive? Are you tired? Or maybe you’re hungry. You’ve searched high and low and you […]

Tips on Coming Up with Topics – Last Installment

In the previous installment of this series, I started off with the suggestion that you look into comments – both of in your own blog and that of other blogs as well. I just had an additional thought that actually came from a comment to that post (thanks Dexter!): Pay close attention to the questions […]

When You Are Short On Time

Let’s face it – one of the biggest problems that we have as writers is the fact that we often find ourselves pressed for time. This is very true for me. I have a day job which takes up most of my day and I end up trying to squeeze in some writing very early […]

Make the Most Out of Post Series – More Dos

Happy New Year! I hope you had a good break over the past week or so. If you still remember, my last post was on things to do when it comes to post series. Here is the continuation of the post. What else should you bear in mind when trying to create a post series […]

Improving Your Blog in 2008

The New Year is about resolutions, isn’t it? Have you made yours yet? Well, at least those pertaining to your blog. One thing that can be said about the blogosphere is that it is constantly changing. Your blog may be good, but it can always be better. There is always room for improvement! If you […]

More Tips on Coming Up with Topics

Here are more great (and simple!) ways to get your brain juices flowing and write that fantastic post. Look into comments This could actually work both ways. You can try digging deeper into the comments that your readers have posted in your blog and get your ideas for other posts from them. Alternately, you can […]