Make The Most Out Of Your Reading Time

More than writing actual posts for your blog, I bet that you spend a considerable amount of time reading other blogs. This is in fact one good way to get ideas for your posts. Though of course I am not advocating stealing copy, you can always get inspiration and learn lessons from reading other blogs. […]

How to Try New Topics

If you are maintaining a personal blog, then this post is not for you. How so? Simply because of the fact that in personal blogs, anything goes when it comes to topics. You can talk about anything under the sun and your readership will probably not be affected simply because you did so. I guess […]

How To Word Sponsored Posts

There are so many ways by which to earn money through blogging these days. As such, it is no wonder that so many people are joining the blogging bandwagon – why not, when you can earn dollars for almost no effort at all? Guru posted a couple of entries on How to Avoid Becoming an […]

More On Optimizing Your Reading Time

If you have taken my advice, you probably are now making use of a blog reader which will lessen the time that you spend looking at various different blogs. Another thing that I forgot to point out – a big advantage of using a blog reader is that you will not have to deal with […]

Give Your Blog A Haircut

We all need one from time to time – how often depends on you. I have this friend who keeps his head almost totally shave so he has to have one every week. Personally, I prefer to get a hair cut every month or so. Same thing with blogs – take a look at your […]

You SHOULD Back Up Your Blog

What are the things that you HAVE to do when it comes to your blog? The chances are that you have these things on your list: -write on a regular basis -pay attention to SEO practices -get other people to visit your blog. But is backing up on a regular basis part of your must […]