How to Properly Cite Blog Sources

There are times that bloggers will have to use information obtained from the works of others. Although this is not encouraged to be done frequently, it should come with the proper citation of resources. If the writer feels that he would rather not provide proper attribution, the only thing left for him to do is […]

Learning to Blog through Experience

Image: fireflybusinesscoach People who are just starting to explore the world of blogging will find so many tips in the Internet on how to go about it.  There will be so many recommendations, suggestions, tutorials, and even lessons to be found on this topic that budding bloggers will definitely have an idea of what it […]

What to Learn About Blogging

Image: onlineincometeacher There is so much to consider about blogging that no one can ever say that he or she has finally learned everything there is to learn about it.  It is a continually evolving activity that may say one thing is right one minute and then wrong by the next.  This is because there […]

Why Bloggers Should Overcome Negative Attitude Towards Learning

Image: onbile The person who said that one can blog without learning is probably not a blogger.   Learning is a very important component of having a blog.  Even professional writers need to go through a learning process when they decide to blog since traditional media and blogging are not exactly the same. The unwillingness may […]

Deriving Blog Post Ideas From Popular Culture

Blogging is supposed to be fun. At least that’s the idea many bloggers start out with. Then the inevitable happens. You run out of ideas. You feel as if you were gasping for air. If you do not do anything about it, pretty soon, you will feel as if blogging were a chore. If things […]

Developing a Framework for Your Website

In the online world, a framework represents a guide which a web designer follows with the intention of building dynamic websites. More than a plan, a framework is intended to be the main building component that will allow sites to obtain its set objectives in a fairly straightforward manner with the least disturbance along the […]