Focusing on the Sidebar

One of the most important aspects of blog usability is the sidebar. The sidebar is important because it contributes to your blog in two major ways – navigation and aesthetics. When choosing the type of sidebar to go with you have to make sure you always factor in both. Aesthetics – The sidebar should always […]

The importance of making static pages for your blog

If you are using WordPress, you can have static pages. What are static pages and what can you use them for? Static Pages These are pages that are more or less stay as they are. They are more often than not pages that contain the information that you would like your visitors to have access […]

Blogger Photo: Posting Guidelines

In my last post I gave cases when you should NOT post a profile pic in your about page. Today I’ll be giving some advice on choosing your profile photo for your About Page. As I have mentioned before, your About Page is your chance to make a good impression to new readers interested in […]

Reasons for Sudden Plunge in Blog Traffic

What do/will you do if your blog traffic noticeably decreases? What SHOULD you do if it does? When I first experienced this problem I found that my first response was emotional: I got frustrated and discouraged. There’s nothing wrong with that unless you let it get to you and end up quitting. I can’t tell […]

Why You Are Losing Ground in Search Results Pages

As promised in my post Reasons for Sudden Plunge in Blog Traffic I will be discussing the possible reasons for a sudden drop in search rank. I already wrote about this in the past but concentrated on FALSE ALARMS. However, what do you do when you find out that your search rank has indeed dropped? […]

Tips on Promoting Your Blog

All right, so your blog is up and running and you have content on it. Now how do you bring people in to look at your blog? Here are a few suggestions, mostly taken from, “The Guide To Promoting Your Web Page” Buying Advertising: The average person can’t afford to buy a massive advertising campaign, […]