Blog Usability: Feeds

I have written about the importance of RSS and/or Atom feeds to blogs. By providing feeds you will not really be increasing the on-site usability of your blog but its overall usability. Regular blog visitors often prefer checking the contents of their favorite blogs using feed aggregators (i.e. Google Reader). The reason for this is […]

Blogrolls and SEO

When it comes to updating the blogroll, whether to add new blogs or delete old ones, many bloggers actually never come around to doing it often enough. The reason for this is simple, if you have lots of blogs you like managing your linklist can be a headache. It’s one thing to subscribe through an […]

Making Your Blog More Accessible: Offer Feeds

Have you ever experienced being so excited about a specific blog entry you’ve posted that you just can’t wait for people to start reading them? To be honest, I have. When I first started blogging several years back I was so excited I kept on “promoting” my personal blog to my friends. I’m pretty sure […]

Are Your Blog’s Feeds Optimized?

Everyone knows the importance of optimizing ones website and blog content. What people often overlook though is to optimize their blog feed. This is a huge loss considering that the huge majority of regular blog readers access a blog’s content thanks to the blog’s feeds. So what can you do to make sure that your […]

Lazy Bloggers Get No Traffic

Blog syndication is not the easiest thing to do. If it was then I wouldn’t need to keep myself busy learning more each day about SEO and all the new things cropping up in the blogosphere. The weird thing about many bloggers though is that despite the fact that though we do want wider readership […]

My Opinion on Link Baiting

Because of this post on Guru’s post on succesful link baiting it came to me as an idea that there is also one form of link baiting which I do often. I post exagerated articles like this for example : A Day without Coffee at the QuickStop. I know , I exagerated a bit but […]