Don’t be a Tagboard Whore

Tagboards are very useful for a beginning blogger for two chief reasons: They provide the blogger’s readers a hassle-free venue to give feedback or compliments; and They allow the blogger to easily build relationships (e.g. link exchange) with other bloggers by commenting on their  tagboards. While there is nothing wrong with the latter – going […]

Changing Your WordPress Permalinks

When I’m opening a WordPress blog (I’ve done so a dozen or more times), one of the first things I do is to change the permalink structure. “Permalink” (a portmanteau of “permanent” and “link”) means the URL or web address of your blog posts, pages, categories, archives, and so on. When you install a WordPress […]

Blog Content from Article Sites

In our previous article, I mentioned article sites (also called article directories, or rarely, article libraries) as “tried and tested sources of free, free, free (can’t emphasize that enough) website content”. So, what is an article directory? Basically, an article directory plays host and categorizes thousands of ~500-700 word articles written by the ‘experts’ of […]

Where to Get “Supporting Blog Content”

As bloggers, it’s our responsibility to come up with original and informative articles. However, our pen (or keyboard, that is) do fail us from time to time, and we need inspiration for our blog posts. A good answer to this problem would be the earlier Blog Tutorial on where to get more blog topic ideas. […]

Setting a Blog Posting Schedule

There are a few gifted bloggers who somehow manage to finish their posting requirements on time – how many they might be – even if they are slackers and crammers. But for the majority of us bloggers and freelance copywriters, posting regularly proves to be a hurdle. Whether you’re blogging for other people or for […]

When Not to Blog, Part 2

Yesterday, we discussed the first part of When Not to Blog. Let’s wrap it up here. Sponsored reviews Writing about sponsored reviews (or advertisements) on one’s blog is already a tricky issue being debated over on the Net, and I’ll not be taking sides here. If you do decide to write sponsored reviews, don’t immediately […]