Blogging with Character

One aspect about creating a blog is doing it with character. The approach and the impact of blogs towards readers will always have a bearing with regards to the continued patronization and reliance for future reference and track backs. For an up and coming blogger, this is one essential element with regards to building the […]

Write your own stuff, don’t leech from another blog!

There was a time that I heard about people who plagiarize blogs. I find it weird since some of the blogs that have been plagiarized were talking about personal matters. Think of it this way. If you wrote something like: This is one of the most wonderful days of my life. I have a new […]

Blog Usability: Navigation Elements

As I promised in my previous post I will be listing down ways you can make it easier for readers to look for the information they need in your blog. The truth is that this is all you need to do is give readers several options to navigate through your blog. This is very easy […]

Focusing on the Sidebar: Show me the Money!

Last time I mentioned how the sidebar contributes to the blog in terms of aesthetics and usability (navigation), one thing I failed to mention though is that the sidebar can also be very important in terms of monetization. Obviously you can use the sidebar to insert all kinds of ads – from Adsense to the […]

Finding Images for your Blog Posts

One problem that many bloggers encounter is trying to find an image to accompany their posts. Actually the problem isn’t really finding an appropriate image but an image that can be used legally without needing to get express permission from the owner/creator. This isn’t that big a problem for me here at Blog Tutorials since […]

Focusing on the Sidebar

One of the most important aspects of blog usability is the sidebar. The sidebar is important because it contributes to your blog in two major ways – navigation and aesthetics. When choosing the type of sidebar to go with you have to make sure you always factor in both. Aesthetics – The sidebar should always […]