Coloring with Tools!

Colors are the first things you’d notice about a site, and it also works the same way for your blog. Bright colors can catch a reader‘s attention quickly, but they also tend to be hard for reading. Dark colors are great for text, but they are also dull and uninteresting. Setting up a muted color […]

Living it up on your blog with smileys!

There are different ways to express yourself with words. Sometimes, the way you construct your sentences would show your readers what you feel or how you are feeling when you wrote your blog entry. And of course, there are also those times that you simply want your facial expression to show up without posting a […]

Learning CSS as You Blog Along

We all have preferences and we have certain personality quirks. In order for you to showcase these preferences and quirks on your blog, you would have to know what tools you can use in order to do so. For those who have basic knowledge of CSS, it is quite easy because changing some values here […]

Modifying your sidebar contents

Sometimes you just can’t help but notice some things on your theme’s sidebar. Sometimes you do not really like the order of the information which could be found on your sidebar. Or maybe you would like to add or remove some things. Let us look back on the White as Milk theme. There is a […]

Tweaking your WordPress layout (intro)

WordPress theme hacking is quite fun. You could experiment with so many things like CSS and images. You would like to customize your blog in such a way that it does not look overdone. You could strike a balance in how you decorate your blog. Or accessorizing if you like putting widgets😉 Of images and […]

AdSense Placement – Upper Left is Best

When you’re running a website, whoever is surfing it is staring at the screen…but where? One of the biggest questions for website designers is, “Where are the user’s eyes looking?” Where do your eyes go when you read articles on the Web? What do you notice and what do you miss? Well, we’ve got some […]