Blogger Demographics

As an Internet search engine for searching blogs, Technorati considers it its business to measure a site’s standing and influence in the blogosphere. Through Technorati Authority, a site’s ranking is determined by its linking behavior, categorization and other related data measured over a short, specific period of time. The rise or fall of a site’s […]

The Farmer Update and What You Should Know

Recently, Google have started testing a new way to deliver information and search results to its users, which was supposed to remove some websites that kept copying content from others and “spinning” it, releasing new batches of articles by the day. The so-called farmer update (named after the practice of “farming” content which was apparently […]

Limiting Your Niches as a Freelance Copywriter

The jobs of a freelance copywriter and freelance writer are quite different – the first one is mostly concerned with advertising material, and even though many people actually do both, there are some who choose to specialize in being a freelance copywriter. This is good, but when you’re trimming down your workload you shouldn’t stop […]

SEO tools for online retailers

Retail is a competitive business and standing out from competitors can be tough. If you specialise in a really popular area of retail such as fashion, you will find it even more difficult to stand out. So how can you keep your company afloat and market yourself on the internet? Using search engine optimisation tools […]

FTC To Go After Bloggers?

Okay, bloggers, listen up! You just might have to be more careful in the future. The news is that the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is turning its eye on bloggers. CNET recently reported that the FTC may crack down on bloggers who review or promote products and get freebies or money as payment. Caroline McCarthy […]

Get Ready to Ride the (Google) Wave

Google Wave has not hit the market yet but, from what I’ve seen in the developer preview, once it does you’d better be ready for one huge ride. Dubbed as the “email as it would be had it been invented today instead of forty years ago”, Google Wave is out to revolutionize the way we […]