The Dreaded Blog Spammers

Referrer values are passed by web browsers and show how a page was come by. Let’s say you search on Google for websites about a particular subject. If you click on a search result from a to visit a website then the destination website will have an entry in its access logs showing a referral […]

Why You Are Losing Ground in Search Results Pages

As promised in my post Reasons for Sudden Plunge in Blog Traffic I will be discussing the possible reasons for a sudden drop in search rank. I already wrote about this in the past but concentrated on FALSE ALARMS. However, what do you do when you find out that your search rank has indeed dropped? […]

The CAPTCHA has been pwnd!

So, you think CAPTCHAs would cut your spam comments in half? Well, think again. Just a little over a year after Google let loose audio CAPTCHAs (the most common implementation of which is an accessibility icon next to visual, or image CAPTCHA, that play a recording of a series of numbers and/or letters, dumbed down […]

reCAPTCHA: More than the Usual Anti-Spam Measure

It started with junk mail in real life, creeped into our virtual mailboxes, and has now invaded our blogs as comments and trackbacks. Blog spam is usually characterized by generic advertisements for silly stuff including but not limited to porn, warez, lotteries, pills, insurance, and real estate—often with a suspicious-looking URL. You start getting spammed […]

Technical Words May Dismay Your Blog Audience

Anyone who blogs is out to impress people. The use of deep-meaning words, technical adages, and uncommon terminologies may be appreciated in some ways. But they can also be a means of turning away the blog reader class you may cater to for the reason that they are too hard to understand. One thing about […]

An Apprenticeship for Promising Blog Careers

Many see blogging as a plain write and post scenario. Others use it as a means of training themselves for better things to look forward to such as perhaps leading towards being among the professional bloggers that are in demand today. Anyone can be a problogger if they so choose. All it needs is exposure […]