How to Reuse Old Blog Posts

It’s a fact that bloggers don’t always have the luxury of writing fresh posts on their blogs. The freelancers who accommodate writing work from various groups sometimes find themselves experiencing mental block resulting in their not being able to easily write blog posts.

But take heart because you can do something about this problem. Did you know that you can actually reuse your old blog posts? Yes, you can but always avoid copying and pasting your original content or you will be liable for duplicate content. It only takes a little research so you can add more updates to your post and make them more attractive and interesting to your readers and visitors. And take note, there’s no rule that says you can’t reuse your old blog posts.

recycling blog posts

Steps to Take

Reusing old blog posts will not make you appear less professional. It’s all about updating them and adding fresher information that your readers will find useful in their lives. This is particularly true if your previous posts were the tutorial type that shared steps in using certain platforms and other online tools.

What you can do then is rehash them and update the steps involved. Keep in mind that social networking sites and other online tools get upgraded every now and then hence, what used to be the steps before may differ in the present time. Unaware to many, college textbooks are also rehashed in the same way as the previous year’s edition normally gets updated with newer and timely content.

Another way you can reuse previous posts is to break down the longer ones into several posts. With this trick, you can already create a number of posts that you can schedule moving forward. To write a better post and make it more informative, though, make sure to add relevant and updated details. You can do this as well if you have written special reports and ebooks that covered several steps and sub-topics.

Other than the details, do make it a point to include relevant images to your posts. Photos are effective in grabbing attention more than text hence, do not take this aspect for granted. Be sure to use quality and larger photos to make your post more appealing. Infographics are also a great addition to your post notably those that provide important statistics.

If your blog includes content more than just text, you can create a video tutorial or a podcast using the same topic of your previous post.

For videos, you can use screenshots to present the ways to use certain tools and platforms. For podcasts, you can also use a free online voice recording tool to make it easy for you.

So now that you know these tips, you can keep these in mind and recycle your old posts if you find it hard to think of a new topic the next time.

Originally posted on July 20, 2015 @ 6:48 am