Avoiding Becoming an Ad Spam Blog Part 2

5. If you wish to simply dedicate a section of your regular entries to the product/service review/plug you can:

  • put the sponsored section at the very end of the blog post.
  • use a nice separator and clearly to delineate the sponsored part of the post from the regular content. You may even use a heading to indicate the start of the ad like “Money making time”, “Products/Service I like”, or “Useful stuff on the net”.

6. Make sure that you only post ads/reviews about products and services that are actually relevant to you or your readers. You can urge them to try something if you haven’t and to give you feedback. If you are in USA and most of your readers are then post products that are available in that area and not something that are exclusively available in the UK.

7. Don’t post any false advertisements. You can say that you have tried something and it worked for you but only do this if it is true. If you haven’t tried a product then use the words according to the website or a friend of yours that has tried it. Or you can even simply say that you really find it interesting but again only if you do.

Originally posted on April 11, 2008 @ 12:39 pm