Avoiding Becoming an Ad Spam Blog Part 3

To sum everything up I’ve written so far about avoiding being a spammy blog I would say that the key thing is making sure that you still provide quality content more often than sponsored posts. Quality control is the key. Now for the last instalment here are some tips on making sure of your blog doesn’t turn spammy. 8. Have a criteria for products/services – Advertisers have a criteria for bloggers who can post about their product. In the same way you should also have a criteria so that you don’t end up posting about products/services that are substandard. This criteria as opposed to just thinking about relevance to your readers (tip # 6) should take into account the product quality. Even if you haven’t tried the product/service (tip # 7) there are instances when you can and should take advantage of the placing an ad for the product (so you can earn money!) but only if the product/service reputation for being a good one is certain. 9. Review your blog periodically – Like an editor give your blog a critical review periodically. Compare the tone and feel of your blog prior to the “ad posts”. If you notice that your blog is sounding too commercial then you need to do something about it (either trim the number of ad posts or exert more effort in writing the ad posts to make them look less forced). 10. Determine the worth of the ads – Analyze the figures if you are not making a substantial amount of money compared to the number of visitors you are losing then you should consider other ways to make money through your blog.

Originally posted on April 14, 2008 @ 11:12 pm