5 Blogging Tips for Better Internal Marketing

You know that you have a good blog. You understand your topic material. You’re a good writer. You’ve compared yourself to other blogs and have found your overall structure to be above average. So why aren’t you getting more traffic? The answer is going to lie inside the idea of internal marketing. Because even with the best blog in the world, there isn’t a way that a search engine is going to know that unless you follow a few simple rules about things like SEO and basic linking techniques. Consider the five following tips to take your blog to the next level.

Understand the Concept of Content Marketing

You aren’t going to make it very far into the process of content marketing however, if you don’t know what the definition of content marketing is. Because the typical computer user and internet browsing person has changed habits in the past decade, and because they’ve learned to ignore traditional advertising, that makes getting your message across more difficult in many cases, but content marketing is the answer to that, where information comes organically, essential inside the content of your blog!

Figure Out Your Ideal Audience

And in addition to understanding that your own material is your own advertising, you also have to pick an ideal audience to go after. This means that you need to know demographics of the folks that you want most interested in your material. Male, female, age range, computer habit, geography – all of these come into play when you’re trying to determine the absolute perfect person to appreciate your literary efforts. Even if you have to create the first one in your head, at least that is something to aim for!

Use Smart Linking Practices

And with knowing your ideal audience and your content marketing goals, the next thing you need to understand is how to use linking effectively. This means knowing what are good anchor words and why, and then having the right number of them within the right amount of text.

Mobile-Friendly Sites Are a Must

Another thing that will improve your internal marketing value is if you have a modular website. In this case, a modular website is one that’s going to look right on a mobile phone, on a tablet, and on a desktop. This will prevent people from being frustrated about layout and sizing issues.

Consistency Matters Once You’ve Found a Good Flow

And in the end, it’s going to come down to a matter of consistency in your content. People will want to enjoy the anticipation of a familiar surprise, and that will come in the form of a format they’re familiar with, but content that keeps them intrigued time after time.

Originally posted on December 4, 2015 @ 2:17 pm